Get paid to post on socials

Matera is a loyalty program rewarding you for creating content on your favourite social media platforms. Connect your socials, keep creating, and start earning rewards.

How to get started

Simply, connect your social accounts and start earning Points!
Login and connect
Login and connect your social profiles (starting with X)
Earn Points
Earn Points based on your engagement on these platforms
Complete tasks
Complete tasks to boost your Points
Calling all creators

Creators matter. Join

No extra work

Matera doesn’t require any extra work. Once your social accounts are connected, just keep creating. The more engagement you get, the more points you’ll get every week.

Convert Points into cash

Together with brands, sponsors and DeFi partners, Matera funds giga-creator reward pots, so you can redeem your Points for actual cash and get paid for what you’re already doing.

Pay it forward

Matera is a club for creators that goes beyond just making money. Support your favourite creators, help them rise, and grow together. Creators matter. Join

Learn more about Matera

Look under the hood to understand how Matera uses web3 and DeFi to build the future of the creator economy.
Matera is DeFi for the Creator economy
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